Ballroom & Latin Dance Events



We organise a range of events throughout the year so that you can enjoy both dancing and socialising.

We also hold medal tests once a year to challenge yourself, if you wish.





 Event  Date  Time Venue
 Social with demo  28th January  7:00-10pm  Victoria Hall, Broseley
 Social  1st April  7:00-10.30pm  Victoria Hall, Broseley
 Medal tests  21st May 10am  Victoria Hall, Broseley
 Social with medal presentation  24th June  7:00-10pm  Victoria Hall, Broseley
 Weekend away  27th-29th October  Paddocks Hotel, nr Ross-on-Wye
Weekend away 10-12th November Paddocks Hotel, nr Ross-on-Wye




Here is the proposed agenda for the Paddocks weekends this year, though anything may, and does, happen!




                                                          WEEKENDS AGENDA


After 3pm                 Arrival

6.30pm                     Drinks from bar

7.00pm                     Dinner

8.15pm                     Dance


8.30am                 Breakfast

9.30am                 Workshop –  American smooth

11.00am               Coffee

11.30am               Workshop –  Pasodoble

1.00pm                 Lunch

2.00pm                 Workshop –  Viennese waltz

3.15pm                 Free time / practice

6.00pm                 Drinks from bar

6.30pm                 Dinner

7.45pm                 Dance


8.30am                 Breakfast

Leave exhausted for home!


Looking forward to a new year of dance and fun in 2018 with the amazing Blackpool Ballroom being the highlight of the year.

We are still waiting confirmation of the date as its too far ahead for the booking people at Blackpool!


Event  Date  Time Venue
 Social with demo 20 or 27th January  7.00-10.30pm  Victoria Hall, Broseley
Medal tests  4th March  Victoria Hall, Broseley
 Social with medal presentation  24th March  7.00-10.30pm  Victoria Hall, Broseley
 Blackpool  28th April?  Blackpool Tower ballroom