Ballroom & Latin Dance Events



We organise a range of events throughout the year so that you can enjoy both dancing and socialising.

We also hold medal tests once a year to challenge yourself, if you wish.





A photo of everyone enjoying food at the Paddocks Hotel






Looking forward to a new year of dance and fun in 2018 with the amazing Blackpool Tower Ballroom  being one of our trips away. We are still waiting confirmation of the date.

We are also having our summer social in June, trying out a new venue.

Our medal tests will hopefully now be held in September. I am waiting for the examiner to give us a date!

We are having our two weekends at the Paddocks in October and November.  See below for dates.

Event  Date  Time Venue
 Social with demo 20  January  7.00-10.30pm  Victoria Hall, Broseley
Blackpool ?
 Social  9th June  7.00-10.00pm  Red House, High Street, Albrighton
Dance Weekend 26-28th October Paddocks Hotel, near Ross-on-Wye
Dance Weekend 9th-11th November Paddocks Hotel, near Ross-on-Wye