Ballroom & Latin Medal Test Results

Medal tests October 2019

A great medal test once again with everyone getting Highly Commended, Honours and Distinctions. I know a lot of you were very nervous, understandably so as am I! David the examiner, was very complimentary about you all, he knows how hard it is for adults to have the courage to dance in front of an examiner. We took a photo of the ones who were able to attend the Paddocks weekend.



Medal tests 2018

Once again we had a great result for our medal tests. The grades ranged from Highly Commended, Honours and Distinctions. Many thanks for all your hard work that you all put in to gain these results. I know medal tests can be stressful but you all coped beautifully, especially as one nervous client who danced brilliantly with her eyes shut all the way through. I thought I was the only person who did that in exams!

Below is a photo taken of a few of you at the Paddocks weekend with your certificates.



Jackie passed her Professional Teachers exam on 5th October 2017. I am so proud of her! To gain that achievement is really hard work. I reckon on 2 hours study a day plus lessons plus practice, its not something for the fainthearted to do!

Jackie started as a pupil about 3 years ago having never danced a step of Ballroom or Latin before. She raced through her amateur medals, taking some of them as man as well, then started helping me in class. After a while, it was suggested, I cannot remember whether it was her or I, that she started studying for her teachers exam. I won’t say it was all plain sailing, but she got there with flying colours. To stop her getting bored I have already given her the Latin theory book to get stuck into!


Medal Test Results – May 2017

Brilliant results at our medal tests yesterday, everyone getting Honours and Distinctions again!  

What made it even better is that most of the Bronzes only started in January, about 4 months less time than most Bronzes have had in the past.  A real credit to you all, you have worked so hard, many of you coming twice a week to classes, one couple travelling from Ludlow twice a week.

I am really looking forward to starting you on your next routines, I wouldn’t like to think you were getting bored! 

Medal Test Results – August 2016

Well done to everyone who took their medals this month! You rivalled last years result with again, everyone getting honours or distinctions! The examiner was really complimentary about the standard. I must say, that some of you really rose to the occasion, doing much better than you do in class!

Medal Test Results – October 2015

I would like to say a big well done to my clients who all passed their medal tests in October 2015! You scored within the top 2 grades – Honours and Distinctions!  This is the first time this has ever happened!

I was really proud at the results and even more so for all the hard work everyone has done over the past year. I am sure that I was more nervous than most of you were, and as a couple of you know, even professionals can forget routines!!