Social Event Highlights

Social in February 2020

Once again we had a great time at our social. Many thanks to Kaynan and Polly for giving us such a fantastic demo, considering they are only 10 and 11 years old, they were marvellous. A small clip of one our party dances!


Social weekend Paddocks November 2019

Once again we had a great time at the Paddocks, no trees falling on us, but decidedly chilly! We had workshops in Quickstep, Merengue and Argentine Tango, all of which seemed to create great hilarity!

Below is part of our quickstep workshop, may apologies for my voice booming in the background!

Also a picture of the ballroom, not a good one, hopefully someone will have got a better one, on the Saturday night, we had a hearts and prom theme!

Social evening March 2019

I think we all enjoyed our social evening, most of you went home very tired after all our party dances! A very big thank you to Josh and Sky who gave us a fantastic demonstration of all 10 dances. I can see a big future for them. Also many thanks for the lovely food you all supplied, it seems to get better and better!

Below is a short video of one of our barn dances, danced with great gusto!




Social weekend November 2018

Once again I hope you all had a great time at our two Paddocks weekends this year. The second one was rather stressful with a tree branch falling on three cars in the car park, but hope this did not ruin your enjoyment of the actual weekend too much.

Below is a snapshot of our rocknroll routine!

June social 2018

I hope you all enjoyed the social, Jackie and I certainly did.  Many, many thanks for the gorgeous food you all provided, think it must be one of our best spreads yet! I’m afraid as usual, I didn’t have time to take photos but thanks to Jackie who managed to take a couple.

Blackpool April 2018

I hope you all had a great time at Blackpool this weekend. Judging from your texts, emails and comments on the day, I think you had a great time even if some of you found dancing on Blackpool Tower ballroom floor a bit over whelming!

Sorry we couldn’t take a group photo on the floor, but hope these outside will do


Social January 2018

Another great evening, though I, and a lot of you, were panicking when we saw the snow in the afternoon. However we made it and many thanks to you all for making the effort to come, and bring the food!

Also many thanks to our demo couple, Ethan and Ellie, especially as they had far further to travel than any of us. We were all absolutely amazed at their dancing, especially as they are only 9 and 10 years old. If they can do this at this age, what will they be like in a few years time?!

Here is a clip of their cha cha.


Social weekend November 2017

Another great weekend! As the other group had Halloween, we had a very early Christmas theme. You should have seen your faces when you walked in and saw me dressed as mother Christmas and Janette as an elf! We did get our potatoes, just 20 minutes late!


Social weekend October 2017

I think we can all say that we had a fantastic time, with a few ups and downs on the way! Looking forward to this coming weekend to do it all over again, though preferably with the potatoes!

Please click on link to see our adaptation of a viennese waltz!


the Halloween theme, sorry its so dark!

The group practising our paso doble workshop, with great fun!

June Social 2017

Video of one of the fun dances at our June social and medal presentation. Many thanks to you all for making the evening such a success again! It was a first social for some of you, judging from the comments you really enjoyed it. Also thanks for the food, a great selection and many thanks for the left overs!

April Social 2017

Below is a short clip of the fun Paso Doble dance we did at the April social.

Dance Weekends Away

For those new to our classes, for the last 2 years we have been running dance weekends away. These are held at the Paddocks Hotel, near Ross-on-Wye and we take over the whole hotel.

We arrive in time for dinner at 7.00pm on the Friday night, you won’t complain about the food, and then go into the large ballroom for an evening of social dancing and a lot of laughter!

On Saturday we wake to a large breakfast, then into the ballroom for workshops. Not quite sure what these will be yet, but will probably include a session on Viennese Waltz.

We have breaks for coffee and lunch (the only meal not provided), a short workshop in the afternoon, then a chance to recuperate in the hotel or take a stroll around, if you have the energy.

We meet for dinner at 6.30pm, then again into the ballroom for more dancing, incorporating the dances we have been doing the day plus a lot of fun!

January Social 2017

We had another fantastic social on 28th January.

Jade and Tom, a fantastic junior competitive couple gave us a fabulous demonstration of all 10 dances, or what it is to be young again!

More Dance Weekends Away

Once again we had a fantastic time at the dance weekends on 30th-2nd October and 28-30th October. Many thanks to you all for making it such a fun and enjoyable time.

We all had a fabulous time at the Paddocks hotel, at least I did, and judging from all the comments, so did you!

Blackpool Tower Ballroom Trip

A couple of pictures to remind us of our fabulous outing to Blackpool Tower Ballroom.  We all had a great time swirling round the floor trying not to collide with people!  Many thanks to Catherine and David who made all the arrangements and provided the driver!